Fear Incorporated, part 2
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January 5th, 2010

Fear Incorporated, part 2

A typical Crazy Glenn Beck fear segment. Their implied argument would be enough to get ME to order a Glenn Beck brand tin foil hat, if it weren’t a total lie (and by far, it’s not the only one he’s told this past year):

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  1. Gary Babich says:

    It sucks when the truth makes a profit doesn't it?

  2. Denise Bellante says:

    How do you call your comic strip "Candor"ville. It is so obvious you have an agenda. If you have a problem with Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck why don't you back it up and refute their statements with facts instead of your own brand of "fear mongering?" Please don't say they took things out of context. Prove it. Put your mouth where your pen is and really be truthful not wishful.

  3. George L. Randle says:

    Dear Mr. Bell,

    You wouldn't know the truth, even though it was a snake and it was about to bite you.. I twas alright, in your world, to propagandize the deceptions by the Democrats, about George Bush and others.

    The trouble with facts, it sometime interferes with the ideology of the left, oh I mean the communists. the communists of the french revolution, invented the word and these people made them selves their own moral authority. That like planting your feet in mid-air and saying you have a base.

    I acertain you just seudo-intellectual, who has the brain-size of a pea.

    George L. Randle
    Kansas City, Mo.

    The trouble

    • Darrin Bell says:

      It's spelled "pseudo-intellectual," not "seudo-intellectual."

      • Heh, that's why I thought you'd like this book (recently re-packaged): "Ambrose Bierce's Write It Right: The Celebrated Cynic's Language Peeves Deciphered, Appraised, and Annotated for 21st-Century Readers".

        Too bad Mr. Beck's fans will never bother to read Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", included as public domain filler in Beck's book of the same name.

      • GeorgeNeedsADiploma says:

        Also, George, you need to capitalize "French Revolution", and the use of "twas" is questionable — just use "was." Also, the sentence that begins "the communists" should start with a capitalized "The." And "themselves" is one word.

      • TychaBrahe says:

        Also, "alright" is not a word. "French" should be capitalized. The French Revolution was for democracy, not communism. No mention is made of the word which these supposed communists invented. If Mr. Randie means "ideology," which was first used during the French Revolution, its definition at the time mean knowledge of ideas from the senses, as opposed to metaphysics. It's current usage, as a system of doctrines, originated a decade later,

      • sugarkat says:

        I'm still trying to suss out why he felt the need to hyphenate "brain size."

  4. jonthebru says:

    Dear Mr. Bell,
    You really brought them out from under their rocks this time. Keep it up!
    You are correct to insinuate that the hate mongers pander to fear.
    That's what they do and it will continue.

  5. BTW, do you know who runs the "Red" states? Republicans.

    Keep up the good work Darrin — I think you found a rich vein of comedy here. :-)

  6. avila says:

    Wow Darrin, make candid commentary on a variety of social issues and they don't have a word to say but the minute you slap up a logo of their precious fount of !knowledge FauxNews and messiah Glenn Beck they come out swarming like mosquitoes on a cow 7 days after the flood

  7. John S says:

    Shit. Jack-offs never come to my site just to insult me. I am Jealous sir. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

  8. Dear Mr. Bell:

    How dare you have an opinion! As you know, only Glenn Beck is allowed an opinion, which we will agree always, even if there is absolutely no evidence to support it!


    The Unthinking

  9. kenecollier says:

    I can't figure out what the "communists of the french revolution" reference means. You may be right.

    Of course, this is all about a posting that used a snake as a metaphor for the truth. I think the psychologists out there will have a field day with that.

    • sugarkat says:

      As I've stated earlier, the best response is to pull out a bottle of Thorazine™ and rattle it before the crazy; hopefully, it'll ward the crazy off and/or keep it from spreading any further. Worse comes to worst, maybe you can toss a couple of the pills into the poor sot's gaping maw as they scream out their insane ramblings. It's like treating for rabies, only without the painful belly injections. Better Living Through Chemistry!™

    • sugarkat says:

      But I'm glad the individual whose missive we are discussing has proven, with his, ah, interesting equation of French pro-republic revolutionists (who fought against, initially, a monolithic government—monarchy) with anti-republic Communists (who wish to have only a monolithic form of one-party government), my sneaking and somewhat shameful suspicion that Mr. Beck's accolytes wish not for a healthy American republician form of democracy, but for a full-blown and entirely tyrannical monarchy, and therefore truly do wish to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and possibly recind the Declaration of Independence. And here I feared I was being paranoid; I was just being a patriot! *insert flag-waving here*

  10. Wow. That missive is so chock-full of poor grammar, poorer logic, and the poorest excuse for written communication that it totally and completely embarasses me to realize I live in the same city as this poor, misguided excuse for a moron. (Yes, I did mean to insinuate that a standard moron, average moron, or even simple moron would appear as Socrates next to this wretch.)

    Respectfully, FatherStorm

    • sugarkat says:

      Also, the poor grammar and misunderstanding of basic English confirms my nasty prejudice that Glenn Beckians are ill-educated fools, which is healthy neither for my mental state nor the respect I should always hold for my fellow Americans no matter what opinions they hold. Someone, please, make a non-moronical supporting statement for the modern American conservative movement, quickly, before I lose this last, feeble iota of respect I've managed to hold onto for anyone who may consider themselves conservative! Please!

  11. sugarkat says:

    I ♥ Ambrose Bierce. The Devil's Dictionary is one of the best things ever written by an American.

  12. sugarkat says:

    Nevermind all of that. What's really made an impression on me after watching that video is, if you believe the crap he's spinning, Glenn Beck is enough of a jerk to steal someone else's computer and expose their computer to what he's claiming is government take-over of that laptop and all files contained therein. What a d!@k move!

  13. More proof that teabaggers are not the sharpest tools in the shed — they don't quite know how to feed documents into a fax machine:

    http://is.gd/5P54b (wonkette)


    http://is.gd/5P9vb (Rachel Maddow)