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February 17th, 2010

The Law Guy

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Lemont Brown, lawyer, custody, Roxanne Dubois, relationships, Lionel

  • jonthebru

    The posts above were so great I forgot what I was going to put down.
    I will only add that the the only cause worth supporting is the "lost cause".

  • Rockpopple

    Brilliant. Loved the unsaid "problem" the lawyer was talking about.

  • SteveS

    Ok, I'm curious what that one problem is that wasn't covered by Lemont's additional list… It isn't that Lemont's Lawyer is working for Roxanne is it?

    • Tim

      Imagine if the comic was in color and not in line art form…

  • lloyd

    I was surprised that there wasn't only one problem – the being broke. Loved it.

  • I'm not sure we can get as much comedy mileage out of our lawyers here (UK) as you can in the States. He's re-calculating his bill on that pad, isn't he?

    Just getting into Cville again. Fantastic job on the video post. Lemont (Would he call himself 'Lemon T' if he was a rapper?) is such a fantastic character. Is that the 'StarFleet' thing on his shirt?