The One That Got Away, part 1
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May 3rd, 2010

The One That Got Away, part 1

Who’s your “one that got away,” Susan? You, Lemont. You, Lemont. You. Mine’s Sasha. Remember Sasha, from college? Who were you going to say? Youuu … Kahama Jackson … son? Hm. I don’t remember him.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. @louisgray says:

    Lemont is a crazy dude. She's been beautiful for more than a decade and he's so aloof. Can I pull for the man?

  2. Darrin Bell says:

    Louis! Good to hear from you. Lemont needs some serious help.

  3. kenecollier says:

    Part 1. This means that Darrin is going to torment us for a while.

  4. SteveS says:

    Lemont seems aloof, because she's always been unavailable when he was looking. He tries to keep behind the line between friendship and love to keep what they have.

    Considering that for all intents and purposes, she's again the one that's unavailable, she's the one that needs to make a move now.

  5. Darrin Bell says:

    Doesn't sound like my style. =/

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  7. Darrin Bell says:

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