Razing Arizona, part 3
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May 12th, 2010

Razing Arizona, part 3

Hurts Rent-a-Car. Phoenix, AZ. Sure, Divided Airlines lost your luggage, but look on the bright side, Mr. Fitzhugh … You’re still a rich, male executive who earns more in a day than most people earn in a whole month. … In a whole year.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. In case it hasn't been mentioned already, here's the vid for "Born in East LA" which I think is apropos:

    Hey look, it's Hurley's dad.

  2. chayafradle says:

    Or, "blow it out your Keester, Buster".

  3. chayafradle says:

    I'll bet none of you have heard of "full of hot air", have you? I haven't heard that in 50 years.

    • SteveS says:

      You'd lose the bet, even though I'm only 44. I'd heard that term for when you don't believe someone more recently

  4. lupinssupins says:

    Susan's reaction is only slightly more emphatic than my son's when I use "his" slang. I once referred to "your peeps," and his voice turned stony, "Please! Don't ever say that again." After all, I'm so old school that it still grates me to hear a peer use "Awesome" in its current sense. And just try explaining the real mean of the word "trifling" to anyone under 25. At least I haven't heard that odd usage in a few years. s/ I.B. Hella Old

  5. TiredofHipsters says:

    @Melissa – I'm sure D. Bell knows how to spell it "properly". He's making the point that the boss is trying to be "hip" and is mispronouncing the slang.

  6. Melissa says:

    it's spelled "Naw'mean?"

  7. SteveS says:

    Is that Weeoo… weeoo… what I think it is? Given Murphy's law, and it's effect on comic strips, I bet it is…

  8. chayafradle says:

    Poor Susan! Poor me for not knowing Spanish!

    • El L Cool J says:

      I had to go to bablefish to get it translated.. bad me for having to do it.. (I got the first part…)