Missing Sasha, part 2
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June 22nd, 2010

Missing Sasha, part 2

If you’re really me from sixteen years in the future, prove it. Ok … I remember this … there’s Ken Chu. Ken’s about to fall down that open elevator shaft. Thud. Ow! There’s Rudy Park. He’s about to toss a six-pack of beer down the shaft so Ken won’t starve to death. Ker-crash. Ow! And there’s Tim Loew. He’s about to drop a couch down the shaft so Ken’ll be more comfortable. Thunk. Thunk. Ow!

  • Macushla Bubbe

    OMG, I think I must have lived next door to Rudy and Tim once they moved into their own apartment! Only that building didn't have an elevator, so they regularly bounced beer kegs down the fire escape steps and once hurled a couch over the side from the 3rd floor, in the middle of the night. On second thought, probably not Lemont's dorm-mates, b/c our neighbors then set the couch on fire! Now, if Lemont's crew were in my brother's dorm, they might have supplemented Tim's emergency rations by sending down a vending machine as well. Mizzou billed the whole floor for that one.

  • C Loew

    That's my son. Always the loving, caring guy looking after the needs of others. He would have weighed all the possibilities and then I think he would have found a way to engineer the final lowering of the couch so that it would have landed with great precision and without damage to couch or good friend. Love your strip Daren, Mom Loew

    • It's so good to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. The real Tim would've rigged a pulley system using pool sticks and sweaters.