Status Denied, part 2
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June 29th, 2010

Status Denied, part 2

Discussion (15)¬

  1. kencollier says:

    Lemont shouldn't throw away those keys–until he's changed all the presets on the radio.

  2. ChayaFradle says:

    People also say "you people" when talking to me about being Jewish. "You people are all rich", "You own the media", and so many WORSE accusations I couldn't begin to list. Including the "Jewish mother guilt trip" stereotype and bad lawyer stereotype.

  3. Bartimaeus says:

    Didn’t I see this in Casino Royale?

  4. tenacitus says:

    Chaya what has that got to do with Candorville? The way I read what you wrote you seem to be implying that this comic strip is portyraying jewish people in a bad light. Am I correct in my assumption?

    • ChayaFradle says:

      No. Jst tlking bout REAL life experiences. Saying I can RELATE to this and why. Ex: I am not Black yet I can relate BECAUSE of prejudice against me in life experiences. Candorville is my favorite comic. I've been following it for years and love the social satire and points it makes. Excuse me if I gave you that impression. Didn't mean to at all. Candorville is just so REAL, and I think everyone can relate, no matter what their race or religion. This is how I, personally, can relate. I think Candorville has EVERYTHING to do with real life, even though it is a comic, don't you? Vampires excluded. So, the stereotypes may be a bit different, but the feelings of the recipients of discrimination are the same all over the world. Actually, my post was one of empathy.

    • Toby Bartels says:

      Wait, wait, back up a bit, I missed something.

      Lemont is Jewish !?

      • chayafradle says:

        No, not Lemont. Me. ChayaFradle. I'm Jewish, but I can relate to the suffering and injustice that Black people go through. A running thread throughout Candorville is a reference in various strips showing how unjustly Black people have been and are still being treated in many cases. It's like, when non-Black people see Black people in a fancy hotel, they automatically ASSUME the Black guy is a concierge or butler type worker. What I was saying was that I have been discriminated against as well, in real life, for being Jewish, so THAT is why I can relate to Candorville. When I was a teenager, I went to a Luau from a non-Jewish friend of mine, and her mom asked me what my last name was. When I told her, she said, "That's a JEWISH name! GET OUT, you are not allowed here." I hope this doesn't come as a shock to any of you, but it happened for real. So, when I read Candorville, it doesn't matter that I am not Black. I have EMPATHY with anyone who is discriminated against. It has nothing to do with if Lemont is Jewish; I am a reader, and I am. I LOVE Candorville and can relate to many of the messages it portrays. I don't know what Lemont is. He appears to be Black, no?

        • ChayaFradle says:

          A long time ago, in Candorville, Susan and Lemont were talking about what they thought about God, but they never did say what religion they each were. I think it was a generic discussion. Hmm. Good question, though. I wonder.

          • ChayaFradle says:

            I don't guess the mother of his child has a religion because she's a vampire.

  5. Tobias says:

    I know a man who handed his keys to a black man standing in front of a Florida hotel, telling him to park the car. He did. In Georgia.

  6. tenacitus says:

    I completely understand Chaya, thank you for explaining, and as for the man who parked the car in georgia it could get him in so much trouble later, its very sad. I know that sometimes I have wanted to pay demeaning people back but some acts of retribution would just give me more hell than the person who hurt. That is why I also like candorville

    • Chaya Fradle says:

      Thank you for the thank you, Tenacitus. You are right. In my life, I never did get revenge. Sometimes, I wish the people who did the harm were really vampires and they'd get – I don't know- a wooden cross or something stuck in their face. I've never seen Lemont get revenge for anything. He just gets drawn into a new series of plots and sub plots. That's another way it's like real life. Most normal people do NOT get revenge. We just walk away and keep on going. Into new plots and sub plots. :)