Question Time, part 1
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August 16th, 2010

Question Time, part 1

This week’s theme song, Prince’s “The Question of U”:

  • Beth

    Not my favorite Prince song from the Graffiti Bridge album but I did actually buy and like this album back in the day!

  • Amor

    Eww… I hate Prince. XD

    • Darrin Bell


      • kencollier

        So it's blasphemy to not like Prince but okay for you to deny the last two decades of his music doesn't exist?

        You, sir, are a heretic (or counter Revolutionary).

  • Chaya Fradle

    Has Lemont heard of, "Trick me once it's your fault, trick me twice it's mine"? He KEEPS trusting C-Dawg even though he stole his computer, stole his identity, and many times, his wallet. When will Lemont ever learn? Lemont needs to travel among positive people who ARE trustworthy and NEVER loan his valuables to anyone unless he knows he can just TAKE them back physically at some point. Even trustworthy people can forget to give things back. As far as money, I have learned the best way to keep a friend is to NOT deal with loaning or asking for money. Food is another story. I would never let a friend go hungry. Same with clothing, if I have two of something I'd give away one piece.

  • kenecollier

    You need something a little more upbeat and current.

    [youtube 70OAc7C_f38 youtube]

    • Darrin Bell

      If it's post-"Revolution," it doesn't exist to me.

      • kencollier

        I'll admit that Controversy through the "Revolution" phase were his finest hours. Still, Prince's new material is still better than most of the competition.

        • Darrin Bell

          True. If I listen to Ol' Skool Company and pretend the singer is someone other than Prince, I like it a lot.