Wrong Number
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August 28th, 2010

Wrong Number

  • Melissa

    This one hits the nail on the head. I'd also like to see another strip, where he's changed his message to something like "Hello, wrong number. Please call again, never ask what number you've reached or are trying to reach for clarification, and do so repeatedly."
    Keep up the good work – this is one of the handful of strips worth reading!

  • lupinssupins

    Love it! I need this message on my cell VM. Despite my repeated protests to the contrary, Dell thinks I'm some guy back East who orders mass quantities of computer equipment every week. Then both Dell's offshore customer service lackey & some befuddled UPS guy on this customer's east coast doorstep keep calling my Midwestern self to ask why I'm never there to accept delivery! I sigh, tell them why, they promise to delete my number, and next week, they wake me up to cost me cell minutes all over again. I'd rather hear from Tyrone's peeps– at least there are presumably fewer of them than at Dell & UPS to set straight. And at least those calls can be more fun, esp. if it's Ty's girl friend, all hot about why a woman's answered her man's phone!
    Live long and prosper, Darrin! You're a genius.