Fallow Me on Twitter, part 1
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November 15th, 2010

Fallow Me on Twitter, part 1

Discussion (23)¬

  1. Cathy says:

    Obama needs to use his State of the Union address and stand with an easle and lay out the areas of the budget and the percentage of the overall costs they represent. Earmarks, for example, are less than 1%. The republicans talk that up as being a huge way to save money. I don't think so. Reality – Social Security, Medicare and Defense are the big 3. That needs to be explained in detail so people can understand. Then people need to tell their elected officials where they want the cuts made. Here's the bottom line. You want to reduce the deficit it will only happen with sacrifices in services for all Americans and increased taxes.

  2. Jim says:

    If we'd voted for Independents, Libertarians, and other Third Party candidates, we would not be in the mess we're in right now.

    • ChayaFradle says:

      Anyone who we voted in would find themselves in exactly the same place because the bickering in congress and filibustering PREVENTS any real progress in either direction… Anyone who thinks that ONE political party is better than ANY OTHER is sadly mistaken because as humans, we are fallible. AGAIN, you can't please all the people all the time. The rich want to keep their riches and not share. The poor want the rich to give it up and want to be helped to become rich…. at which point, they'd also want to be greedy with their money. MC Hammer tried, when he became rich, to help others out, at a BIG loss to himself. Others, however, do share their wealth and it works out. Oprah for example. You can't say that doing things only on way will solve all of life's problems. We do have a good system, but any positive changes take SOOOOO long! Sometimes many decades. Not just one or two years. A great example of how long it takes to change our laws and ways is our history with slavery and civil rights. We're finished with slavery but we have a long way to go with civil rights. This has been HUNDREDS of years!!! How impatient we are with the process of change.

      • Jim says:

        Well, if we want to see positive changes happen more quickly we have to start NOW, and that means not voting for the Democrats and Republicans who keep screwing us over.

  3. ChayaFradle says:

    I once asked Lemont why Obama just didn't DO everything he said he'd do by getting ALL the dems to back him and IGNORE the Republicans. Lemont told me that Obama is not a dictator, that's why. In my opinion, Obama's promise of getting both sides to work together was INFANTILE and naive. Even when he saw it wasn't working, he kept making concessions to the Republicans like a weak wimpy doormat everyone can step on. I know he was trying to please everyone everywhere, but he forgot the old saying. You can't please all the people all the time. Another one is if you try to please everyone, you end up NOT pleasing ANYone. Still being the first Black president probably made him want to be more cautious than he should have been. On the other hand, if he HAD been more stern and commanding, he may have put his life in mortal danger from all the gun toting rednecks and neo-nazis and KKK who are still out there.

  4. Radman says:

    Remember, Pelosi and Reid were in power for the final 2 years of the Bush presidency — because Democrats had won majorities in both the House and the Senate 4 years ago (in November of 2006). This means that, even on Inauguration Day, 2009, liberal Democrats had already pushed through enough spending measures to balloon the “Bush” deficit by almost 750 percent. That’s a total increase of about $1,040 billion ($1.04 TRILLION), or an average deficit increase of more than $43 billion PER MONTH…and that's BEFORE Barack Obama even took the Oath of Office.

    • kenecollier says:

      Bush could have vetoed those budgets if they had been out of line with what he wanted. He chose not to because those budgets reflected programs and wars that he backed.

  5. Radman says:

    WRONG, Mr. Bell! America's anger is NOT because nothing changed. A LOT changed…like the level of our national debt and deficit. The dissatisfaction arose because the "change" that has occurred is not that for which so many had "hoped" initially; and this last election was a scream from "We the People" to cut that crap out and return the country to a sound fiscal policy!

    Democrats had the votes to pass anything and everything without a single "R" vote, so it was Democrats that actually voted to block some of the most egregious changes proposed by this administration and the leftist Congressional leadership.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      No, it was fifty Republicans promising in unison to filibuster nearly every piece of legislation the Democrats tried to pass. It's intellectually dishonest to point to the three or four conservative Democrats who sided with the Republicans, but ignore the fifty Republicans who marched in lockstep for two years.

      And Americans don't care all that much about the debt or the deficit as long as they have jobs. Americans wouldn't have cared much about the health insurance reform if we were creating hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. The lack of change Lemont's talking about is the lack of job creation and the lack of relief for people losing their homes.

      • Gary says:

        Show me a Democrate that wasn't walking in lockstep in the opposite direction!

        • UknowI'mRight says:

          Show me the jobs! Mine is heading overseas because of the tax hikes. I just finished packing up the last half of my work to be sent to Malaysia. Where are the jobs?! I have compassion but we can't feed the hungry, heal the sick, help developing nations, etc if all of our jobs are in China and Mexico. The gov doesn't make any profit. They use money from people with jobs. No jobs-No taxes to pay healthcare, welfare, social security, etc. We have to create jobs not dependent on the gov and reign in spending. NOW!

          • Darrin Bell says:

            It's odd you lost your job because of a tax hike, considering Obama and the Democrats CUT taxes for 95% of America's working people:

          • kencollier says:

            Even the conservative Tax Foundation (www.taxfoundation.org) acknowledges that taxes are lower than they've been in years. Much of the stimulus package was tax cuts. Jobs going overseas are part of a bigger problem and the Republicans certainly proved no better at keeping those jobs in the US.

        • Darrin Bell says:

          Google "Blue Dog Democrats". Dozens voted with the Republicans. Democrats don't have a whole lot of party discipline, either because they were voting their conscience or covering their asses. The Republican minority didn't do the same. Many turned their backs on their own proposals in order to stand with their party and make the Democrats appear ineffectual. And it worked.

          • Gary says:

            Didn't take much! If you are unable to pass legislation and implement a program with a clear majority in both house and senate, I would think that ineffectual is an understatement.

          • kencollier says:

            Some Republicans want to claim that (1) Democrats dramatically changed America and (2) Democrats did nothing.
            The Democrats got health care reform passed. That's something that every Democratic president since Truman has talked about. They didn't get everything they wanted– no one ever does. That's the nature of the system.

  6. ChayaFradle says:

    On the other hand, at least we CAN vote without being killed for how we vote.

  7. Eric Burke says:

    People are getting lazy even while voting. Here in MA we just gave our worst Gov. ANOTHER TERM! Damn…