The Continuance, part 3
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December 29th, 2010

The Continuance, part 3

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Zombrex says:

    The kid reminds me of Phoenix Wright, but most of you probably wouldn't know who he is though. :p

  2. Zombrex says:

    Wait, I'm confused, didn't the vampire thing happen in Lemont's head only? o.0

      • Zombrex says:

        I remember a segment of Lemont waking up from a dream in the shrink's room and admit all the ghosts and vampires are in his head. huhmm… I think I need a second opinion from another poster. :p

        • ChayaFradle says:

          A 2nd opinion from a poster coming up. Nope, the psychologist (I dislike the word SHRINK as it is demeaning to the profession) CONVINCED him he was dreaming. Now, the lawyer is still holed up in the vampire's torture chamber. That's why he's not in court and his nephew is. Roxanne is a true vampire, from a whole line of vampires. This is what I really and truly believe. What is scary is that the baby, then, would be part vampire. Lemont's luck is never ending PITS. I don't know how Lemont got away from the torture chamber, though. After the session where the psychologist convinced Lemont he was imagining things, I remember a series of cartoons where the psych then asked Lemont for a ride, and some strange things happened. I haven't seen Lemont being a patient of his lately. There's probably a reason for that, but the psychologist would need to see a psychologist to find out the reason. :)

          • Zombrex says:

            Ok, then, maybe I'm just getting a bit confused when reading the strips, thanks for clearing that up.

  3. Toby Bartels says:

    Here's another reader's recollection:

    Even after Lemont was convinced that he imagined (some or all of) it, his lawyer was seen locked up in Roxanne's dungeon (I think also with some fang shown).

    Now maybe that was *also* in Lemont's imagination, but if so, it hasn't come to his consciousness yet. All he knows is that his lawyer is missing ….

  4. ChayaFradle says:

    I like "hostile WITLESS". HAHAHA.