Can’t Find the Syrup
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January 23rd, 2011

Can’t Find the Syrup

Discussion (4)¬

  1. ChayaFradle says:

    I've done both. PB on waffles and water in cereal. Not bad! Also, using applesauce in both. Or, yogurt. Funny Lemont thinks of the floor and the bedroom of where the syrup could be. Oh, another idea. Follow the stream of ants crawling.

  2. SuburbanEcology says:

    I would sooner put butter on waffles than peanut butter. Or Nutella. Just don't store it the fridge; it gets unspreadable.

    And never, ever try substituting kefir for milk in coffee or on cereal. Blech. Horrible, horrible stuff.

    Oh, and extra-virgin olive doesn't work on waffles either. I haven't tried it on pancakes yet …

  3. Toby Bartels says:

    Heh, just yesterday (as I write this, I'm catching up on my comics), I spread peanut butter (fresh from the fridge, so a lot of work) on waffles and then topped them with syrup, at the request of an ungrateful kid who had maybe two bites and put the rest in the fridge; it will never be eaten.

    Next time, I'll hand her the olive oil.