Be a smartass! Get the new Candorville book in honor of Jefferson Davis Day!

It’s President’s Day, and you know what that means… While the rest of the country is celebrating the births of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, many in the South are celebrating the inauguration of Jefferson Davis, the first (and last) President of the Confederate States of America.

What better way to celebrate than to buy a copy of the brand new Candorville book, which chronicles the election of America’s first black President? Buy a copy of The Starbucks at the End of the World” for yourself; or to send to your Confederate-sympathizing uncle, so he’ll have something to read when he’s not reenacting the Battle of Harper’s Ferry.

INSIDE: As the Bush years come to an absurd conclusion, Barack Obama’s historic election – not to mention Lemont’s journalism career – hinges on a secret mission to rescue a prisoner of war. Lemont survives Embedded Journalists Boot Camp, but can he survive the boat mission up Vietnam’s Nodung River with Anderson Cooper and a crew of misfit soldiers? And what horrifying secret awaits them at the river’s end?

At home, Susan dates the Boyfriend-from-Hell as Dick Fink tries to steal her job. C-Dog goes to unbelievable lengths to prove Lemont’s fiancee is cheating and that Lemont may not be Lionel’s father. And when comedian George Carlin dies, Lemont accompanies him on his final journey and accidentally discovers the meaning of life.

Candorville has been described as “This generation’s Doonesbury, only a lot more surreal and irreverent.” Contains a whopping 750 comics, and Darrin Bell’s 2008 election night blog post about watching the election of the first black president with his 90 year-old grandfather!

To order:

Get the ARTIST’S EDITION, which comes stamped, numbered, and autographed, with an original sketch by Darrin Bell on the title page. Only 200 Artist’s Editions will be sold (only 150 left!), after which no books bought through the Candorville online store will contain a sketch by Darrin Bell:

(s&h included)

OR, if you’re allergic to autographs and just want the standard edition (or an e-book), order here:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

E-BOOK: $5.95
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

You can also complete your collection by getting the first THREE Candorville books!

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