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Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

A few months ago, I was flipping through my 500 channels of nothing looking for five or six that were watchable, when I came across a light-haired comedian standing on stage droning on about something or other. I could tell I’d come in in the middle of a story, but didn’t have the patience to find out what it was. Since he looked so depressed, I figured it was no big loss. Plus, I’d reached my three-second between-click limit, and it was time to move on; so I turned it to the God Help Me I Really Have Nothing to Do So I’ll Watch This Crap channel.

This morning, I opened my Twitter app and saw a tweet from Michael Fry about some comedian (Mike DeStefano, whom I’d never heard of before). He died today. There was a link. I clicked on it, and realized three things: (1) This was the same performance I’d clicked past months ago, (2) Far too many comedians die early (DeStefano, Jenner, Pryor, Robin Harris, Bernie Mack, Lenny Bruce, and on and on), and (3) I need to be more patient, because as it turns out, this story I flipped past is f%$#ing amazing. From now on, I’m going to wait at least five seconds between clicks.