Tweeters, part 5
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June 17th, 2011

Tweeters, part 5

  • SuburbanEcology

    The one GOOD thing about Voyager was that it raised Jeri Ryan's profile and notoriety, which made her more sympathetic when her and Jack Ryan's divorce records were released during the Jack Ryan/Barack Obama race for US Senator of Illinois. Because of the controversy, Jack Ryan eventually had to withdraw his candidacy. The rest is history.

    So, even though it wasn't that good, I like to think that Voyager played a small part in getting President Obama where he is today. 😉

    Butterfly Effect.

  • ChayaFradle

    The link to which you can join is:

  • ChayaFradle

    Leonard Nimoy's hand greeting was from his Jewish roots. It is the shape of the letter shin in the Hebrew alphabet, the first letter of "shalom," or peace.

  • Michael Ventrella

    By the way, tried to share this on Facebook but it only posts the link and not the cartoon.

  • Michael Ventrella

    I'd be embarrassed too. Voyager? Seriously? Now, if it had been Deep Space 9 action figures…

  • This is sooo hilarious! IMHO, Voyager was the worst of the spin-offs. Enterprise started out OK and with Scott Bakula should have been as thoughtful and exciting as TOS and TNG. But that's a discussion for another time….

  • Macushla

    @Sven: Wait, what? They made Enterprise figures? Why were my sons not informed? They've got all the specs and diagrams at home…
    And a basement locker full of TOS, TNG (2 generations/sizes of 'em), DS-9 figures, teensy props, starships, shuttles & the TNG bridge! None in original packaging, of course, b/c they were actual KIDS at the time & actually played w/ them, not investing in them. So, per the comic store guy [who was the living image of The Simpson's Comic Store Guy!], they lost all value the instant they came out of the transparent aluminum [invented by Monty Scott] packaging.

  • Sven

    Hey, it could have been worse. Lemont could have accidentally tweeted a picture of his collection of Enterprise figures 😛

  • Jonathan

    So how many of your checked out Darrin actually bothered to set up a domain name that redirects to Candorville. And I got all excited for a minute there…

  • Mellaril

    Poor Lemont. A reputation is a terrible thing to waste.

  • ChayaFradle

    Hahaha. I CERTAINLY didn't expect this! His junk was REALLY junk? Who would have thought such a thing. Oy. Hahahahaha. Darrin did a "Gotcha" on all of us!