Obama’s Evolving Position, part 4
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July 7th, 2011

Obama’s Evolving Position, part 4

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  1. MisTeryWriter says:

    On July 6th, there was a Twitter Town Hall meeting by President Obama. I don't know how to post a video here on this site, but you do, Darrin. Can you please check it out and post it here as you do videos for rappers, etc.?

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Under "Post a new comment," there should be a link that says "post a video comment." And to the right of that, there should be a YouTube icon and the words "Embed video." If you click on one of these, it should give you a field where you can enter the embed code from YouTube.

      Do these links show up in your browser?

  2. ChayaFradle says:

    I love the caveman metaphor and ideology. Watch: [youtube nlcqJ6LuJNM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlcqJ6LuJNM youtube] This is Obama's first Twitter Town Hall meeting, which aired on July 6th, 2011.