Words of Wisdom, part 5
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August 26th, 2011

Words of Wisdom, part 5

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  1. ChayaFradle says:

    Not just bosses. Old people everywhere have stories to tell, but young people are too busy oogling and googling to even look up from their thumb exercises to look in their elders' eyes or listen to them. Too busy. The Lemonts of this world, everywhere, need to stop Googling and start conversing. I know kids who text their parents while in another room rather than walk to the next room to talk or listen. Pretty soon, we won't even need vocal cords!

  2. Macushla Bubbe says:

    Chaya, did you know your profile pic made the thumbnail choices for this one? I "shared" this one on Facebook [yeah, replacing my "IRL" (In Real Life) convos (conversations)] and there were 4 possible thumbnail photos to accompany the posting of the cartoon– the cover of Darrin's book, "Place Your Ad Here," and the next 2 were your photo w/ the start of your comment! [I opted for the book cover.]

    • ChayaFradle says:

      Wow. Macushla, what are thumbnail choices? Is there a link where I can see those photos? So, is this good or is it bad that I'm on there? I don't know quite what this all means. I am SO tech illiterate!

  3. Macushla Bubbe says:

    Chaya, the "thumbnails" are just the tiny little photos that are next to "links" that one posts on Facebook– Links to articles, videos, blogs, or in this case, cartoons one wants to "share" on facebook. They are about the size of your little profile photo by your name here on Darrin's comment thread, as a way to illustrate what's being "shared." Sometimes, the thumbnail pics or illustrations don't even have anything to do w/ the shared item, but are just a logo of the website one gets them from– my local newspaper just plasters their loud, red logo on their articles that people want to post on facebook. Some sites offer the "sharer" a choice of several thumbnails and all of them have a "no thumbnail" box one can check to just leave that part of the post blank. [I do that if it's say, Beck or Palin or Boehner & I don't want their face on my newsfeed:-]

    BUT, know that once the person sharing an item to facebook [me, in this case], chooses one of the thumbnails, then that's the one that stays on the item I've posted– the people who see it [only my facebook friends, NOT everyone on facebook, don't worry!] cannot thumb thru them & see the rest. All I can guess is that your photo popped up in the 4 choices b/c yours was the only comment on here on this page when I posted the link, and also it's the only one I've noticed on here has a photo [& a real name!] of the person. I guess you have a "word press" [Darrin's website server] account/profile? That's how your photo gets posted here on Darrin's website when you comment.

    In my case, you weren't the one whose work I was posting, Darrin is, so I picked the one that shows his book cover.

    As for whether it's good or bad that you're on there– I can't say. I guess, theoretically, any one of Darrin's fans who decides to share THIS day's cartoons could have attached your photo to their "share," so your smiling face would go out to more people than usual that day! If that spooks you, I assume Word Press lets you edit your profile & do what most of us fraidie cats do & use no photo and/or an anonymous screen name;-) I don't know how much or whether, you comment on other "Word Press" blogs– I sometimes comment on a few, under various names, and I've never seen your photo on the ones I read. So our subscriptions don't seem to overlap anywhere else…

    The way "shared" links on facebook [or other social networks] works is: If an on-line article, video, etc., has a "share" icon, or series of icons [e.g.: "Share on Facebook/ Reddit/Linked in, etc."] and one has a facebook "account," one can use the "share" buttons to display a link to the "shared item" on their Facebook "wall," that shows up only on that wall & on their specific FB friends' "Newsfeeds."

    I tend to over-bore some of my FB friends w/ all my "shares," and FB does allow Facebookers to edit which friends' posts they want to see more of, which less of, or even "hide" for a while, just to give it a rest, w/o outright "unfriending" someone. But I like "sharing" b/c it reins in my former habit of "forwarding" stuff I like in emails, which clutters up my friends' email boxes a bit much…

    Sorry, Darrin & others, for going on so long, but Chaya did say she's SO tech illiterate & didn't know what it all means. so I was a mite detailed …

    • ChayaFradle says:

      Not a prob. and I think lots of readers who are too embarrassed to ask for tech info will really appreciate this. You can be my facebook friend if you want. I don't really even know how to sign in to my own facebook account. This is so sad! However, I don't feel too guilty. My own mother had a conniption fit when my sister bought her a VHS player when they first came out. She kept yelling, "THE BUTTONS, THE BUTTONS. HOW DARE SHE GET ME SOMETHING WITH ALL THESE BUTTONS!" I told her to calm down, and painted the ON button green and the OFF button red. I told her not to worry about the rewind, because I'll do that when I come to see her. She, eventually, became so attached to it, she wouldn't leave the couch or her home. But, in the beginning, you could hear her yelling about two cities away :) So. thank you.