Invisible Man, part 2
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September 14th, 2011

Invisible Man, part 2

There’s a list of the promises President Obama’s kept so far over at Politifact.

  • SuburbanEcology

    Looks like we're on the same page Darrin. See my comment to your September 1st post:

    I'm still only on Chapter 3 of "Invisible Man", but this is a really great book. Wish I had read it years ago.

  • Jim

    Did Obama's campaign promises include extending the Patriot Act, getting involved in another unnecessary military action, and continuing Bush's flawed economic plans? Cause if so: mission accomplished.

  • laser plumb bob

    The evidence that I see is this … if Obama really didn't do anything, the Republicans wouldn't hate him quite so much. I continue to believe that we (progressives) need to try harder to appreciate what Obama has done for us … & especially how difficult his task is ….

    • MisTeryWriter

      I agree. It's easy to see how Obama could have been more of a bully with his methods, but harder to be thankful he was even able to do what he did. The six pages Darrin mentions are awesome. One of the problems is that many of Obama's successful changes won't take place until 2014 and beyond. We want what we want NOW. If we can't get it now, we want to blame someone. Obama is an easy target for blame. Any president would be because he is the one who is the leader. You are right, however, in that BECAUSE the Republicans are fighting so hard, that means they have something to fear from Obama. Absolutely!

  • Doug

    Reduced carbon emissions–not accomplished.
    Guantanamo–not accomplished.

    Yes, he accomplished health care and an end to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

    But that's pretty much it, no?

    • Darrin Bell


      Be sure to read all eight pages when you have time.

      • Mellaril

        I did, let's see…

        There were 5 "Extend" things – Promises to do nothing.

        There were 2 "Encourage" things – Promises to say something nice.

        – "Direct leaders to end war in Iraq." – It's pretty easy to direct somebody to do something but technically it's a promise kept.

        – "Buy the girls a puppy." – Another one in the win column.

        The list sounded like "Cheerleader-in-Chief."

  • rockpopple

    I love Lemont's look of frustration, even from behind. Or is that exasperation?

  • MisTeryWriter

    Darrin, you are the master of PLOT TWISTS. Kudos!