Disrespecting Obama
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September 16th, 2011

Disrespecting Obama

  • ChayaFradle

    In my opinion, only 50% or so of the people who criticize Obama do so on the basis of policy. The rest do it because something inside them ITCHES to put down a Black president. So, in my view, it IS VERY racial. I think the book, THE DELUSIONAL BLACK MAN is too thick. Not that many Blacks have gone over to the Darth Vader side of the force.

  • Jim

    And again my comment gets down-voted for comparing Obama to Bush. What's wrong, people; don't like to hear the truth?

    • MisTeryWriter

      Unfortunately, in a highly competitive, male dominated politico, fighting to stay on top will be the norm for the next decade, at least. When Obama was elected, the FIRST item on the Republican agenda was to DEFEAT him on EVERY front. That included minor items such as birth certificate verification to the character of his relatives to the shape of his ears which, they could say, indicated he is a biological liar. I have noticed the Republicans fight dirty with the end goal of winning at any cost. The Democrats, by refraining from fighting dirty kick themselves in the butt at nearly every turn in the road. Obama had idealistic aspirations of cutting through the dirt and competitive attitudes. Now, he has taken off his rose colored glasses to see reality. If you see him being STRONG and pointing fingers, it is because he is starting to take a stand. I see this as courage and not bullying. If you disagree with Obama's policies, you would see it otherwise. Thus, we see some of the blogs on Darrin's site calling for him to stop the blame. It is a matter of "been there, done that" (not blaming). It didn't work. I, personally, hope that before the next election, the truth comes out about the agenda of the Republicans. That was, to repeat, wipe out Obama along with his polices and ideas. Republicans want to win. For those of you in a different political party, which at the present time has no chance of winning and drains the votes from the two major parties, you are throwing the next election toward the Republicans. Your own candidate has no chance of winning.

  • Robert

    Excuse me while I dust off my Mr. Literal hat [dust, dust]. The reference in the strip was not to criticizing, nor disagreeing with, President Barack Hussein Obama. It was to DISRESPECTING him, and the extent to which that could, or could not be, ascrbed to racism.

    Example: George W. Bush was vigorously, heartily and publicly disrespected by many of his politica opponents in the US. Could any of that be ascribed to racism? No, that would be silly. Could it be ascribed to classism? Possibly – he was certainly associated, in the minds of his opponents, with the wealthy, privileged, elite class in this country.

    So, to the extent that President Obama's political opponents treat him disrespectfully, to what extent is that disrespect motivated by a racist perception of him? Perhaps we could get some comments on that subject.

    • Thank you. Exactly right, the cartoon is not about criticism, it's about disrespect. For instance, what is it about this president that causes Congress, for the first time, to say "that won't work for us" when the president schedules an address to a joint session? What is it about him that causes several southern members of congress to boycott that session? What is it that prompts millions of people to disbelieve his citizenship even after seeing a birth certificate?

      This cartoon is not about honest disagreements with his policies, or even criticism about "intellectual elitism."

  • unemployed 13 mths

    I would like to see him lead and stop pointing fingers. There are plenty of people of all colors and political parties that want a leader. He did inherit a raw deal but he needs to move on. The election in the 9th district of NY shows he isn't getting it. Both sides need to understand the word compromise. We ALL are suffering.

    • He can't compromise any more than he already has and still be a Democrat.

      • unemployed 13 mths

        Perhaps that's the issue. Our problems go beyond party. All of our elected leaders need to take a higher road to start solving these problems. For the ignorant this may be a black/white thing but it really is not for me. Those who rise above party over the next fourteen months are the ones who will establish a legacy. The discourse about party is unproductive and passed ugly years ago. I desperately want to see our President be the leader of the American people not the democratic party or the guy who b-slapped the republicans to get his parties way. This all in thinking on both sides of the aisle is going to going to get them all kicked out of office. Question is how soon until our political system mirrors those of so many other countries with such specialized interests even less gets done. As an aside i love your work and had to find you online after the Tribune stopped publishing you.

  • Mellaril

    He has the typical condescending "progressive" mindset that the intellectual elite know what's better for people than they do. I think he made a comment to that effect in WVA or PA a few years back.

  • Jim

    I don't criticize Obama because of his race. I criticize him because he's turned out too much like Bush.