The IQ Test
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September 17th, 2011

The IQ Test

Discussion (3)¬

  1. MisTeryWriter says:

    I recently received a bill along with a letter saying, "Thank you for ordering…." I never received the item. This strip is VERY real. What it mostly resembles are the promises of inexpensive bundles from cable companies. You get x number of TV channels, high speed internet and unlimited local phone service for only two cents for six months with a two year contract. The fine print says after the six months prices will reflect current rates (unspecified, so it could go up to $2,000 a month, hypothetically). You are stuck for the higher amount for the next year and a half. Let me not mention the fact that, also in the fine print, it states "subject to" taxes, fees, box rentals, surplus, and numerous other words that actually have no meaning to most people.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      An aside about cable TV: I thought about going without cable (and just streaming Netflix and Hulu to my TV for $20/month) when I moved to a new place recently. So I called Time Warner and said I wanted to drop my cable, but keep the high speed Internet (I need it for work). They mentioned some $200+ fee for setting up the high speed Internet at the new place (even though I already had the modem), OR I could keep the cable TV at a reduced rate and they'd throw in installation for free. If I were to spread that $200 fee over twelve months, my total cost for a year's worth of high speed Internet would only be about $20 cheaper than the reduced rate for Internet+TV. A couple neighbors in the building told me they have serious downtime issues with Time Warner's competitors, and I can't risk that. So I just kept the TV. They do not want to let people go. If they see Netflix and Hulu eating into their TV business, they're going to jack up their Internet rates and probably lobby Congress to have HuluFlix declared an enemy of the state.

      • MisTeryWriter says:

        I can see it now. Homeland Security issues a red flag warning against the merger of Hulu and Netflix by John Q. Public. He is wanted for crimes against the state. ROFLMAO. :)