What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 1
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September 19th, 2011

What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 1

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  1. Robert says:

    I just had a creepy image of Lemont at his keyboard, messaging back and forth with Sasha, and Susan sees that the screen is nothing but
    over and over again.

  2. rockpopple says:

    The battle between readers and whether Sasha is legit or not is an interesting one, but I'm more interested in this: WTF is wrong with Lemont?

    Seriously, talking about how some woman he hasn't even so much as SEEN face-to-face is now his "Best Friend", and to SUSAN no-less? I gotta wonder if Lemont is a class A prick or if he's just trolling Susan. Dear God I hope it's the latter.

    • Mellaril says:

      Considering he was engaged to Roxanne and has a son, I don't know if it's either of the above,

      As a friend of mine who was on his third marriage put it, "I'll be doing this until I get it right,"

  3. MisTeryWriter says:

    The reason abused women want it kept quiet is….????? Enabling the men to continue the behavior. Very sick. Emotionally damaged. Get her some help quickly! Call the police if you see bruises. She may not want to report it, but you may be able to save her life. Do NOT listen to her saying to keep it quiet. In fact, when you tweet her, TELL her she has to either report it or get psychological help to deal with the situation.

    LEMONT, IN NO WAY should you see yourself as the big hero. In fact, should the husband get wind of you being with this woman, he could murder you, her, the kids and himself without batting an eyelash. Police MUST get involved if it is physical. If it is emotional abuse, she needs to find ALL types of resources to help her escape and start a new life WITHOUT YOU, LEMONT.

    If you want more, then wait until she is re-settled in a new life first. Just a suggestion for self-protection. You may, if you jump in too soon, be similarly accused of abuse if there is a mentality of being comfortable with being in the role of a victim. Until then, bolster her courage and encourage her to not be afraid but to be pro-active in a legal way (I said legal because we don't want to see another woman cutting off her husband's privates in a fit of frustration.)

    Twittering is probably safer than in- person contact. On line communication should be the extent of the relationship until she's out of the muddy waters (JMO).

    • Mellaril says:

      Once again we take the woman's word at full face value and cast the man as the abuser. For all you know, she may be a full blown Cluster B, physically attacking him, sleeping around, filing false police reporrts, denying him access to his kids and has already cleaned out the bank accounts.

      No objectivity here.

    • Mellaril says:

      "To the Victim Go the Spoils: False Allegations, Men as Default Scapegoats and Why Some Women Get Away with Murder" – Written by Dr Tara J. Palmatier on July 6, 2011