Return of the Strawman
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October 30th, 2011

Return of the Strawman

  • Jim

    Interesting that this comic comes a few days after you yourself, Darrin, used the strawman argument of "voting for independents and third party candidates is a waste of a vote."

    • That's not a straw man argument, that's my opinion. A straw man argument is when you misstate someone else's opinion and then argue against that.

      • Furthermore, it's an opinion based on fact. Name the last third party candidate who won. You can't shoot for the top and expect voters to choose you, if they have a good reason to think you'll be ineffective and unable to fulfill your promises (because you don't have allies in congress – in fact congress). You have to build a vast movement from the ground up if you expect enough voters to have confidence that you can topple the two established parties and accomplish something other than gridlock.

        Even Teddy Roosevelt couldn't get elected ad a third party candidate. And just as with Perot and Nader, he siphoned enough votes from the candidate closest to him ideologically, to throw the election to the one furthest from him.

        Dot blame me for that argument, blame history.

        • …and don't blame me for the typos, blame my iPhone.

        • laser plumb bob

          Darrin's absolutely right, a left wing person (emotionally) voting for a left wing third party (e.g. Green) and not supporting Obama, is effectively a half vote for the Republican (whoever they are) and no vote for Obama. This is what the Republicans want. Of course, it depends on your definition of waste. In NY state, the liberal Working Families Party (WFP) will support & list Obama on the ballot. If you want to make a "liberal" statement, vote w/ WFP. That vote will count for Obama, and will send the message, to the Democrats, that there are supporters for a shift to the left.
          Of course, the liberals (us) would greatly appreciate all right wing third party candidates who might attract votes away from the Republicans.
          I have a lot of trouble understanding why people don't understand this!