The Bible is Useful
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November 3rd, 2011

The Bible is Useful

  • SuburbanEcology

    And the man's first name is "Herman" … "hermano" in Spanish is "brother".

    "Brother Cain"? Hmmm.

    Personally, I think of Caine as a wanderer, cognizant of his guilt, seeking forgiveness through service to others. Sort of like David Carradine's character in "Kung Fu".

    But, Herman Cain is nothing like Kwai Chang Caine.

    Oh well.

    • sugarkat

      So, he wears the snazzy hats to cover up the Mark?

      Those are some snazzy frickin' hats.

  • ChayaFradle

    I hear the count is 3 now. Isn't it 3 strikes you're out? 🙁

  • Jim

    If you vote for Democrats OR Republicans, you've been brainwashed.

    • Joe Mama

      If you don't vote, you ARE voting for interests antithetical to your own.

      • Jim

        I'm not saying don't vote. i'm saying vote for people who will bring about REAL change (namely independents and third party candidates).