Don’t forget to get your copy of the new Candorville book!

Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Make yourself feel better by getting your copy of the all new, FIFTH Candorville collection: RUN! (Vampires, Werewolves, “The One That Got Away” and Other Demons). This is the largest collection to date, with 800+ comics.

INSIDE:In the fifth collection of the syndicated newspaper comic strip Candorville, by Darrin Bell, Lemont’s new success as the Chronicle’s Senior White House Correspondent may be short-lived; as a startling revelation about his evil fiancee propels him and Dr. Noodle on a hilariously perilous journey to the heart of Mexico, where they face bloodthirsty demons, vampires, werewolves, and drug cartels.

At home, in honor of the 1st black President, C-Dog summons the ghost of Richard Pryor for advice on how to stop saying the “N” word. He finds himself on the run, impersonating Lemont on his book tour to hide from the insanely huge brother of a girl he’s wronged. And as Susan makes a life-altering pact with her backstabbing assistant, Lemont travels back in time to the Hammer-Time Nineties to help his younger self seduce “The One That Got Away.”

This 204-page large-format book contains over 800 comics and it’s been scientifically proven that it’ll take more than a year to read, if you only read it when you’re in the bathroom!

To get it faster:

Order it directly from the publisher through this button:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

If you have $10 extra, and can wait 4 weeks for delivery, you can order the Artist’s Edition, which comes autographed, can be personalized, and includes an original sketch on the title page. It will also be stamped and numbered, and only 250 will be sold. You can purchase the Artist’s Edition through this button:

(s&h included)

You can also complete your collection by getting the first FOUR Candorville books!

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  • Rugeirn Drienborough

    While you're plugging the products, how abou making sure the strip updates? The strip that's displaying today is two days old. And no, it's not my cache. It shows that way on all five of the computers & devices here.

    • Kitty

      september 28 and 29 are both missing to me. This post is really old though, so the latest comic was probably a better place to have put this… 30 is up now though! I'm just hoping everything's okay on Darrin's end.

      • Darrin Bell

        Thanks, Kitty. Both strips are now up. Sorry about that.

    • Darrin Bell

      Fixed it. This is a one-man operation here, and I sometimes mess up.

  • g r grahame

    Please arrange a method for me and others to make a one-time donation. I am old and don't want to add to my library which I am trying to reduce or to make long term commitments which may well fail. Keep up the good work.
    g r g

    • Darrin Bell

      Thanks for the support, I've created "donation" and "subscription" buttons on the right-hand side of this website, beneath the comic strip. You can choose to either make a one-time donation in any amount, or become a subscriber at $2.99 per month. With newspapers closing every few months, this is the best way people can ensure that the comics they like will still exist even after the papers are gone.

      • ChayaFradle

        Great idea!

  • Nice cover … has he just seen the Candorville Ghost?

    • He’s just seen something even scarier…