C-Dog’s Advice, part 4
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December 29th, 2011

C-Dog’s Advice, part 4

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  1. Steven S says:

    The first is an option he shouldn't write off entirely. As long as he does try to find a job, the unemployment program was designed just for cases like his.

    Just as a note, I'm not able to post comments through my facebook account. the link takes me to a message "An error occurred. Please try again later." from facebook, but I can log into facebook proper. It's been a few days since I last could

    • John says:

      Depends upon what's meant by "on unemployment".

      If I recall correctly, Lemont didn't get laid off, he quit his job. This gives you fewer rights to compensation (I don't know if this is a federal rule, or if it varies according to state). So what Clyde may actually be suggesting is something shady.