Billions and Billions of Earths
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January 15th, 2012

Billions and Billions of Earths

Before everyone who has a subscription to Popular Mechanic e-mails me, here’s why Lemont is right: “Current knowledge” and “current technology” are two different things. In 1960, we had the knowledge to get to the moon, but we only had the technology to get to France.

  • According to the movie "Melancholia" there is no life anywhere else in the universe and it's just as well.

    • Darrin Bell

      I haven't seen Melancholia yet. But right away it makes me wonder how they can possibly know that. We haven't observed our entire galaxy yet, let alone the whole universe, so humans can't come up with that conclusion on our own. And if that conclusion was given to them from elsewhere, someone must've been out there to give it to them, which means it's wrong. Now I have to go see it.