Bear With Me
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January 19th, 2012

Bear With Me

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  • ChayaFradle

    I didn't know that about every word has at least seven meanings. Interesting! Thank you!

  • laser plumb bob

    Please bear (this conversation) with me … phrase within parenthesis is understood … cute chick w/ Teddy Bear Ears was right in the first place .. … where did she bury (Hoffa? the previous grammar cop? the Tardis?) Lemont, please recall the Talmudic teaching that every word has at least seven meanings ….

    • Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters

      How does the seven-meanings rule apply across languages? Does it apply as well to English as it does to Aramaic or Hebrew? (Maybe it applies even more so.)

      I see the rule both as warning against translations that distort the intended meanings as well as pointing out the opportunity to find new meanings. It is a nice thought.

      • ChayaFradle

        In one of the Toastmasters clubs in Los Angeles, someone once gave a speech about what a GREAT leader Hitler was. I objected. However, his DEFINITION of the word great I couldn't deny. I was using the figurative meaning and he the literal one. He did inspire his followers. He did have a large following. He was successful in killing large groups of people. According to the literal definition, then, this guy was right. I really thought, however, he needed to EXPAND that word in his speech so as not to be offensive. So, in English, various words which are seemingly innocuous can have many other meanings!!! We really have to choose words carefully. Thus, the need for "grammar police" like Lemont. 🙂