Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 27
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March 29th, 2012

Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 27

  • ChayaFradle

    I think sometimes Darrin is like a college professor. No?

    • kenecollier

      I'm not sure Darrin would take that as a compliment. 🙂

      • ChayaFradle

        Well, some college professors are pretty smart, so that's how I meant it. I hope it wasn't offensive. 🙂

    • WWMD

      Or he's been watching some old Meg Ryan movies…

      • ChayaFradle

        I liked Meg Ryan in "A Stranger Among Us".

  • If I remember correctly, Zeno's Paradox was based on an arrow's flight to the target, and avoided the time issue, because as the arrow is flying in half steps closer to the target, it's also taking only half the time for each step, until it gets to the point where neither is measurable. This is of course where Zeno's Paradox breaks down, as while you try to measure the later movement/times, the arrow is already in the target (or Zeno's dead).

    • ChayaFradle

      You guys are so smart. I learn so much with Candorville. It bothered me I didn't know about this physics idea so I googled it. For others in my situation, here is the link.

      • Oops, it appears I was relating the wrong story with that particular paradox. But it was good to get a refresher.

  • Rob F