The War at Home, part 2
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April 10th, 2012

The War at Home, part 2

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  1. Marie says:

    We are going through this exact same thing these days. Gah, I thought the bleary-eyed days were supposed to be over. I'm laughing over the bouncing on the bed, though. It's funnier when it's not ones own child!

  2. ChayaFradle says:

    Totally love this thread. Amazing how it looks so real!!! Oh, yes, I remember those days. Here is what worked for me when my kids were that age: car rides, singing lullabies, having a snack before bed which had tryptophan (like hot chocolate, etc). I don't remember a whole lot, but do remember my eyes looking like that. ⚡⚡⚡⚡♳♴♵⚉

  3. ChayaFradle says:

    BTW, intelligent little kid!

  4. @sugarkat says:

    I sincerely miss being able to wear footie pajamas without looking insane.