The War at Home, part 5
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April 13th, 2012

The War at Home, part 5

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  1. ChayaFradle says:

    Can I please adopt Lionel as my grandchild? He's so adorable and intelligent. Poor Lemont. It is very hard to raise a gifted child.

  2. 21ccb says:

    Methinks he's a chip off the ol' block.
    Chaya, if you be able to hold that adoratio thru ages, say 8 to 10 you will have my undying awe!

    • ChayaFradle says:

      Umm. I did, all the way up through about three decades. Straight through all the stages. Gifted kids into gifted and talented adults. Always difficult because of their super intelligence, and always exciting! Very, very worth it! By the way, I am now 65 and haven't yet slept a whole night. Yikes.