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April 21st, 2012


Discussion (4)¬

  1. macushla bubbe says:

    Oh, I want this on my answering machine! That's right, an ancient machine that still uses mini cassettes & doesn't have caller ID, which I can't afford. I'd also like a variant for the candidates I DO support: "I can't give you any money any more, because I've been out of work for quite some time and pay almost twice my rent in health insurance, pending the rest of 'Obamacare' coming into effect, if the Bush's Revenge Court lets it."

  2. JoshM says:

    Something very, weirdly nihilistic about the thought of an answering machine talking to a robo-call, each machine locked into its own unchanging, unchangeable message, neither one capable of knowing — or even of caring — what the other is about.

    And suddenly the coming Robopocalypse begins to look more like a Sartre play.