Razing Arizona
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May 1st, 2012

Razing Arizona

Discussion (5)¬

  1. ChayaFradle says:

    SO true. You know, the other day, I was driving in the car with a man who owned his own thriving carpet cleaning business and who makes over a million a year. He was BITCHING about Obama wanting to tax people who make over $250,000 a year and said you can't even LIVE on $250,000 nowadays. I had to crunch my teeth to keep from cursing him out or otherwise disparaging the man (he was driving and we were on the freeway!) ⚇〷⚡☹

    • JoshM says:

      Can't live on $250,000? I guess that makes me a miracle-worker… I've been doing the impossible all my life and never even realized it.

      • ChayaFradle says:

        Hi, Josh. Yep, he went on and on about how much is the upkeep on houses and cars. He said you work your butt off to get a small 5 bedroom house and then have to hire people to clean it, and also you work to get a Mercedes or BMW and then have to spend money to keep that up. His bitching made me almost puke.

        • Jolene says:

          You forgot that he sent his kids to private schools and can't keep up with the cost. Yeah, poor him.

  2. ChayaFradle says:

    So true. This is the type of man who wants to kick his kids out when 18 so they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But, what happened to their daughter was she became a drug addict after having 3 kids, and all four of them had to go back home to be taken care of. Now, social services got involved and took the children away. So much for money buying happiness.