Blatant Voter Suppression Laws
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June 29th, 2012

Blatant Voter Suppression Laws

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  1. Jeff says:


  2. ChayaFradle says:

    Disgusting; too bad Darrin has so much true fodder for his comics.

  3. What, no Republican voter registration card or proof of baptism from an approved church?

  4. Bret says:

    Really? It is a funny comic but far from factual.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      The only part not taken from actual news items was the third grade report card (which is obviously an exaggeration to make a point). The punchline was taken straight from the provision for those without birth certificates from the Georgia Voter ID law.

      Read this:

      • Joe Mama says:

        Oh, good, Darrin. I thought you had made it up, and you shouldn't give them any ideas!

      • bcmayes says:

        Dude, you expect people to read the news and be well-informed to understand your wit? That's just too taxing. What's next, being informed before voting?

        I'm going back to Family Circle!

  5. Robert says:

    There are people who believe in chemtrails, widespread voter fraud, and the ineligibility of the current POTUS to serve in that office; Mr. Bell doesn't have to make up very much.

  6. Lewi says:

    That cartoon is VERY true!