The Whole Country Can’t Hold It
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July 8th, 2012

The Whole Country Can’t Hold It

Discussion (10)¬

  1. ChayaFradle says:

    If you ever make a book and compile all your food issues/obesity, etc., I will buy BUNCHES of them to share with my groups!

  2. Mary McKelvey says:

    Darrin, you just keep getting funnier! Please continue to keep me laughing. Mary M (Beckley, WV)

  3. WWMD says:

    I'm loving the sky on this one. Nice work, Darrin. :)

  4. ChayaFradle says:

    Love the play on words, too, in the last dialogue. Yes, the sky is stunning!

  5. sugarkat says:

    You wrote/drew this whole thing just to be able to write that last sentence, didn't you?

    Worth it.

  6. bridabunun says:


  7. Kammot says:

    "Chicken Nuggets". HA! You are so right!

  8. Samm says:

    Very cute cartoon.