Nobody Likes a Passive-Aggressive Person
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July 15th, 2012

Nobody Likes a Passive-Aggressive Person

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  • Any chance you could ever do custom shirts? Like, charge an extra $8 to get your own saying on the back? Cause I want it to say "On the Holodeck everyone has a steam-powered 12' penis". Everyone could have their own custom back. That would be awesome!

  • Nancy Davis

    When will you come out with a "Thug 4 Life" t-shirt??

  • lupinssupins

    Passive aggressive hint about an "inko"? It's OK; no need to be embarassed about dropping one letter from double consonants on ocasion…

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  • ChayaFradle

    Oh, yes, I know a couple people who have the passive/aggressive personality. I do wish they would take assertiveness training!