Voter ID, Voter Suppression
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August 20th, 2012

Voter ID, Voter Suppression

This e-mail is representative of the Tea Party feedback to today’s strip:

Hey Darrin,

I know you’re a lib and all, but maybe you should know something about voter fraud before you go making statements that you know not much about.

Read this for some more info:

Not sure why you would think that people shouldn’t have to prove who they say they are when they vote. Are you so naive as to believe that people don’t cheat or lie?

This is common-sense.

Joe S.
Pleasanton, Ca

Here’s my response:

Joe… A few misconceptions on your part:

(1) “common sense” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

(2) I was not born yesterday, these laws (ALL of which were introducedby Republicans after they took power in the states in 2010) are clearly meant to limit the turnout of black voters, young voters and the elderly… the very demographics that put Obama in the White House. If you’re going to argue they’re not, you’re wasting your breath. Move on to someone who hasn’t paid attention, maybe they’ll believe you.

(3) A National Review article that mentions “numerous violations” without bothering to cite a single one of them, is not adequate as a source.

(4) I know more than you do about “voter fraud.” For instance, I know that there are no reports of widespread voter fraud that haven’t been debunked, and I know that a recent study is only one of several to conclude it doesn’t exist:

(5) If you think disenfranchising millions of legitimate voters (which is what will happen) in order to combat a “problem” that only has TEN documented cases in a dozen years makes sense, see #1 above.

(6) “Are you so naive” is just another way to say “I have no realevidence to back up what I’m saying, but I’m right anyway.”

Thanks for writing.

Darrin Bell

  • kenecollier

    It's a sad state of affairs when mentioning a 500 word mini-article from a partisan source can be passed off as "knowing something."

    • ChayaFradle

      There you are, Ken. Missed your blogs! You are so smart!

    • ChayaFradle

      Even sadder when a politician says a woman can't get pregnant from "real" rape (i.e., forcible).

  • Gangerworld

    Darren Bell is a bamf if I ever saw one.

    • Darrin Bell

      Thank you, sir.