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October 14th, 2012


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Hi Darrin. I was stunned when my brother sent me your recent cartoon. I had written an article titled "Defining the Job Creators" which has been circulating the Web a bit. The subject matter of Lamont's article was exactly what I had written about. And I must say, the responses have been similar to the irrational comments that Lamont received as well. It hit my brother that the topic was as if you'd read the article. When I saw the cartoon, I was taken to look you up and post this comment. When I saw the cartoon, I became an instant fan. Larry Allen Brown

  2. SuburbanEcology says:

    Noooo! Not Comic Sans! Anything but that.


  3. J. Warren says:

    Darrin, would you please grant me the right to use this strip in my Online Digital Media Class? I will give you full credit and post a link to your site for my students. I love your strip, but especially this one.
    Please let me know by reply to this post, or at my email
    Thank you for your consideration,