One Vote Changes It All
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November 6th, 2012

One Vote Changes It All

  • ChayaFradle

    I know at least one woman who said she will move out of the United States if Romney is elected.

    • bcmayes

      There were a lot of folks who said that in '08 about an Obama election. They're still here, too.

      • Steven S

        This election as well, and they're still welcome to leave (I'm looking at you Rush) 🙂

  • Don't let Clyde be the deciding vote! Make your voice heard. Then make phone calls for Obama!

  • Jim

    Remember everyone – you don't have to support the lesser of two evils. You can vote for a TRULY progressive candidate like Stein, Anderson or Johnson and bring about REAL progress. Or you can get 4 more years of war and violations of our rights.

    • Steven S

      None of those 3 are going to do anything but take votes away from either Obama or Romney

    • Macushla Bubbe

      @JIm, how in the Wide World of Sports is voting for any of those three going to "bring about REAL progress"?! It'll just cancel out votes for Obama. Two words for you: Supreme Court.