E-BOOK and AUTOGRAPHED copies of book six now available

Candorville book 6 is now available as an E-BOOK or as an autographed physical book.

Get the eBook for your iPad/iPhone, Kindle, or Nook, for $8.25 (one price gets you instant access to all those files plus a PDF viewable on your laptop/desktop)! You can order it right now through this link.

If you want a physical copy, you can now get the Artist’s Edition, which comes autographed, numbered, and includes a sketch (only 200 will be sold). Buy a physical edition of any Candorville book and get the eBook for book six: “Does the Afterlife Have Skittles?” FREE (email me the receipt and I’ll email you a download link for the ebook). Get your copy of the new Candorville book, or complete your collection, here.

  • I become excited when I heard about this book. Now, Thanks for that book.

  • I really want to want a copy. Comments in here make me thrilled to read these books. I read the previous edition of candorville book. It will be interesting to read the physical copies. Thanks for sharing such useful page to us, keep more information like this.

  • I'm with Rick (commenter) on this. I'm going to start at the beginning as well.

  • Lol, this looks cool. I think I'm going to start at the beginning with "Thank God for Culture Clash".

  • Tom

    I'm going to get my copy tonight! Can't wait

  • kencollier

    I got my copy yesterday. The book looks great and I'm looking forward to revisiting those strips.

  • Ann

    Just received the Artist's Edition of "Does the Afterlife Have Skittles?" I am so pleased!! Highly recommended! I'm sure I'm the first in my neighborhood. 🙂 (How do you do a smug smile with emoticons?)

    • Darrin Bell

      🙂 Thanks, I'm glad you like it!