The Black President Question
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January 1st, 2013

The Black President Question

Discussion (20)¬

  1. joaneisenstodt says:

    Today's Candorville made me smile knowingly and think of my little friends Aaron, and know he wonders the same.

  2. Brice says:

    Today's candorville was racist and disgusting. I have shown it to others and everyone has the same reaction. Try harder Darrin.

  3. Billy says:

    I get it! It is actually anti-racial. Very cute.

  4. joaneisenstodt says:

    Billy .. we both got it as did others to whom I sent the link. How did Brice and his friends not get it? Darrin – do you think you need to explain it to him?!

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Brice misinterpreted it, which is nothing new when it comes to artwork. Artwork relies in part on what the viewer brings to it: preconceived notions, or an open mind. Brice brought preconceived notions. If it's true that he showed it to friends and they agreed with him, there are a few reasons for that. (1) We tend to associate with people who see the world (and interpret it or MISinterpret it the same way we do), and (2) Confirmation bias. This cartoon I drew a while back illustrates that concept:

      If Brice really did show the cartoon to his friends, he showed it to them with a sense of offense. So they were conditioned to look for something offensive; and since that's what they were looking for, that's exactly what they read into it. They ignored the message that everyone else seemed to easily comprehend.

      I'd rather not explain it just because one man chose to misinterpret it; I'd rather let the cartoon stand on its own.

  5. joaneisenstodt says:

    Thanks, Darrin .. and yes to the other cartoon which I'd also appreciated.

  6. Gail O'Hare says:

    I was truly touched. What a wonderful thought – how every little kid is going to grow up with different assumptions than any generation before. ANY generation in human history!

  7. Gail O'Hare says:

    I was truly touched. What a wonderful thought – how every little kid is going to grow up with different assumptions than any generation before. ANY generation in human history!

  8. chayafradle says:

    Brice, let ME spell it out to you. This child has NEVER before SEEN a white president in office. He is too young. The humor is that before, little Black boys were saying, "Do you think there will ever be a Black president?" Now, you get it?

  9. chayafradle says:

    I have patience with people like Brice who don't get it. It's not they are racist, it's that they don't know the angst of Black people re: the glass ceiling before Obama came along.

  10. chayafradle says:

    Also, notice the culture clash of the generations: Lemont, still using paper reads, and the child, already using a tech tablet.

  11. SuburbanEcology says:

    Hey Darrin, this one is a classic. :-)

    I just thought I would share this with you: I have two sons, 7 and 4 years old, and they've been playing "Star Trek" for the past several months. The oldest plays Data; the youngest plays Capt. Picard; I play Commander LeForge (apparently because I'm a programmer …); and their mother plays Dr. Crusher.

    Anyhow, the other day I was being lazy and didn't put in my contact lenses. "Captain Picard" looks at me closely and says, " You know, Dad, with your glasses on, you actually look a lot like Geordi."

    I don't know if I feel more complimented by the kid, or proud of him …

    I just know that I really like this crop of children we're raising. There is hope for us yet. :-)

  12. Daniel says:


  13. Joseph says:

    This was a really WONDERFUL piece, because it makes so very clear what will perhaps be the very most important aspect of Barack Obama's legacy. He has changed the way future generations will see America and its President.

  14. Lupinssupins says:

    Gosh, at first glance, I was assuming that Brice was being sarcastic! But now it's 2 weeks on and he never came back to defend himself, I see I was wrong. [I'm a little behind on my on line reading, since I've been ill and can't sit at the computer as long as usual (which isn't nec. such a bad thing, in itself).]