Where did Candorville Go?

Sorry about the downtime, it was a perfect storm of circumstances. In case you didn’t know, I’m also a storyboard artist. Last week I started a new project (a very, VERY cool new sci fi show that’s going to be pitched to a network as soon as I’m done with the artwork). Genius that I am, I figured that would also be the perfect time to try making some major changes to the Candorville site. Long story short, I ended up somehow locking myself out of my own website. I couldn’t update it, I couldn’t fix what went wrong because I had no idea what went wrong. It’s fixed, now, though, so if you go back to Monday you can get caught up. Sorry about that!

  • Sexy girls from Your city
  • Glad to see the problem is fixed!

  • yes, i like it

  • Mellaril

    Any idea when the archives will be back?

    • Darrin Bell

      Still waiting on my web designer to get back to me about that… but in the meantime, now that the life-changing, gut-wrenching, all-consuming thing I've been dealing with is over, I'll go back and manually restore the "About Kelly" and "Sasha" strips, over the course of this month.

  • Rugeirn Drienborough

    OK, this hasn't updated in four days. What's up?

    • Darrin Bell

      Two, not four.

  • william ott

    Love your strip ! (in my Tampa Bay Times)

    • Darrin Bell

      Thanks! I hope you'll let the Times know.

  • Mellaril

    It looks like the archives is still messed up. Somebody came out of the woodwork and I wanted to revisit "Friending Sasha Mitchell."

    • Darrin Bell

      Uh-oh… I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with the archives… I'll probably be hiring someone to fix this after payday. Meanwhile, patch up the holes in that woodwork!

      • Mellaril

        After 25 years, I don't know what's worse, wondering if she ever thought about me or knowing that she has.

        • Darrin Bell

          I'd say the latter. The former is easier to get over, the latter is tinged with regret whether you want it to be or not.

      • Mellaril

        After 25 years, I don't know what's worse, wondering if she'd ever thought about me or knowing she has.

  • Eric

    Should have had Chief O'Brian give you a hand. 🙂

  • Jamie N.

    Thank you Darrin for all of the work you do, and the genius that you share with us. I'm sure most, like my self, were just worried that something dire had happened. I for one am glad it was just technical difficulties! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the new project!

  • Slipstick

    Glad to see you back, Mr. Bell. When will we have a chance to find out what the new project is? I'm sure that your loyal fans are champing at the bit to find out and offer you our praise.

    • Darrin Bell

      Thanks, I appreciate that 🙂

      if people are interested, I'll post the images after the show airs. Not sure when that'll be, but my best guess is if the network picks it up, it would be at least Fall 2013 before it airs, unless all the special effects make it take longer.

  • The RSS feed caught up perfectly! Thanks for providing your work via RSS!

  • Sue

    Very glad it's fixed, and that you have a great new project in the works!

    I'm grateful you make this available to us for free.