Why Should Adults Have Kids?
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March 7th, 2013

Why Should Adults Have Kids?


  1. Rugeirn Drienborough says:

    Indeed – why should every person want to have children?

    if 'we should because we can" is our mantra, why don't we all charge out into the street and commit some monstrous crime? We all can. So should we?

    For the good of the children, let's ensure that the only people who have kids are the ones who really want to for all the right reasons, who know how to be loving parents, who will provide good, stable homes, and who have the will and the skill to make it work. Let's not do this by some draconian laws; let's do this by letting each person fully comprehend the nature and importance of raising children and the difficulty of the task, and make a mature, wise decision for themselves about whether or not to do it.

    Let's remember that THIS EARTH DOESN'T HAVE A SHORTAGE OF PEOPLE. Applied wisdom in this matter will be good for the children and good for the planet – good for us all, in short!