Aborted Dream
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May 20th, 2013

Aborted Dream

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Kay Casserly says:

    I came looking for your website to tell you how touched I was by your tribute to your grandfather. I knew right away that he was a real person by the difference from your usual style. And the last one, with him as a young sailor! I teared up!
    What a great tribute! He's proud of you again!
    Kay Casserly

  2. Alan Dedier says:

    My father who passed at 88 would have been 94 now. He was in the War in Europe. It's always amazing how little we still know about what they saw and did. Thank you.

    Alan Dedier

    • Darrin Bell says:

      There are things they didn't want to talk about. After publishing this series, I heard from the son of someone who served alongside my grandfather on the Alhena during the battle of Guadalcanal. His father's account of the aftermath of the torpedo strike was a lot more gruesome and sad than what grandpa had told me. When I asked grandpa about the aftermath years ago, all he would say is "Well… you did what you could."

      • Slipstick says:

        My grandfather served in the war in the Southern Atlantic from what we could tell. The most that we ever found out about what he did was when a shell hit the ship, he had to determine how it bounced around and killed the people in the room. Not surprisingly he didn't really talk too much about his experiences… especially not with a 5-year-old.