Contact the Tampa Bay Times to Reinstate Candorville

The Tampa Bay Times dropped Candorville and LOTS of other features to save space. If you want to read Candorville in the Times, write to or call (727) 893-8111 ext. 0 and ask them to bring it back. The only way they’ll know you want it is if you tell them.

  • MsWormwood

    I got a rigged response about how great the TBT is, how many features they carry, how many cartoons, how many puzzles, etc etc. Obviously they think everything is just fine. The Business section was condensed to one page a year ago. The Homes section has dropped the Real Estate columns. The Baylink has lost 4 strips and shrunk others to unreadable size. The advice columns are down to one letter and there is no Miss Manners.The only way to hit them is in the purse.

  • Larry Molter

    I, too, am dismayed that the Tampa Bay Times dropped these comics without notice. To this end, I have sent numerous letters to the paper with no response to date. Probably won't get one unless the paper is inundated with complaints.

  • BKennedy

    Cartoons in Baylink have disappeared!! Pleas bring back Hole Mole, Candorville, Mutts, and the other one about animals acting like humans. If you have to obtain some space to put them in . . I would much prefer any of them to "Watch Your Head"!! I do not understand what they are talking about and have a difficult time figuring out who is talking at any one time . . a very frustrating experience!! Please bring back our favorite cartoons in Baylink. . We have been good customers for 21 years . .
    Thank you.

    • Darrin Bell

      Thanks for your support. Just making sure, is that a copy of what you sent to ? The paper won't read the comments here, so you'd need to email them directly, or call them.