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October 21st, 2013


Discussion (3)¬

  1. mama2emma says:

    Lemont – and everyone else – should know that there’s a program called early intervention available in every state to children with developmental delays from birth to three years of age. It might make for a good story line for Lemont and Lionel to go through the process of obtaining early intervention services…

    • chayafradle says:

      I agree. Back in the day, being gifted was also considered special ed, or special need, but they cut that out. Many gifted kids had trouble when they couldn't speak clearly enough to say what is so astounding in their brains, so they needed MORE intervention and earlier educational training than other kids. How many criminals are out their for the types of crimes only geniuses can devise, like computer hacking? That's what can happen if not guided into using their intelligence wisely. A properly brought up gifted kid can give out ideas which can help bring peace to this world and a greater understanding of the issues which face us daily!