Uncle Julius Mcadoo
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October 27th, 2013

Uncle Julius Mcadoo

  • I know that cartoonists don't like referencing other people's work, but is Lemont what Caulfield from the strip "Frazz" by Jef Mallet going to be in a number of years?

  • John

    It took me a few moments to figure out why the name was familiar. Then I realized that Charles W. Chestnutt was quoted extensively in Ken Burns's "The Civil War".

    Hmm. Nothing in Project Gutenberg. But there are plenty of external links in his Wikipedia article.

  • chayafradle

    A great reason not to celebrate Halloween at all, I'd say. One of the most yucky holidays in the world, and there are many, many horrid holidays. ♽♼⚗♨♗♑♌♆♅♄