Conservatives Hate Goon Thugman
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January 21st, 2014

Conservatives Hate Goon Thugman

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Dave Solarz says:

    So THAT'S what happened.

  2. Iman says:

    Hey Darrin Asshole! How about Thugman Oboma? He's a laff riot! Let's laugh about the buffoon who started ObomanationCare and lied about Bengahzi. What about the Clown who can't create a job–the blowhard half-white dictator who's got shovel ready bullshit that melts in his mouth. Yuck it up.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      If you don't want to take antipsychotic medicines to treat your Tourette's Syndrome, you might want to try behavioral therapy. Thanks to Obamacare, either remedy should be available to you even though it's a pre-existing condition. There's no guarantee they'll cure your racism behavioral disorder, but they probably will get rid of that "Benghazi" tic you have. Good luck to you.

  3. C-Dog's advice is working.

    "In a switch, conservative gathering welcomes Christie"