Women In Skimpy Comic Con Costumes
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October 28th, 2014

Women In Skimpy Comic Con Costumes

  • I am a belly dancer, and I've performed in public and gone around in public in my dance costumes.

    There is a difference between having someone look at me, enjoying how I look, even with sexual interest versus having someone look at me like all they need is the right amount of money or force and my body is theirs to do with as they wish.

    It is similar to how a person would look at a display of TVs in a shop that was thinking about buying one versus the person who is considering stealing one.

    Some will reject that analogy as making women into objects, but I say that I am not the TV, I am the TV's owner – I set the price and I decide what currency that price is in. (The price is almost never in dollars and cents – it's in respect, acceptance, and love, or at least friendship) Like the thief or would be thief who doesn't care about the TV's owner, the leerer and the rapist don't care about the person who owns the body they are wanting to steal.

  • Mellaril

    Did your fiancee read any of your stuff before she agreed to marry you? If she had, she might have seen this coming.

    • She doesn't read my cartoons; probably because the few times she did, I stared intensely at her expressions and then interrogated her about why she laughed.

      • Mellaril

        Just out of curiousity, what's she going to wear for Halloween?

        • She's going as a big game hunter (not a "sexy" big game hunter either… unfortunately…), and our one-year-old and myself are going as alligators.

      • sciencesue

        I had to laugh, that's why it's hard to attend my husband's live performances… I get too many questions instead of just accepting that I love his music.