I Have Never Heard You Sing
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March 27th, 2015

I Have Never Heard You Sing

  • John

    Sorry to be a back-seat copy editor, but I think the second panel dialogue should be "…my heart sings."

    • Walt

      This strip has several misspelled words every month

      • No, it's got several *typos* per month. I've got a one-year old son and four jobs, so a few typos are going to make it through here and there.

        • ChayaFradle

          FOUR jobs. Oy, vay es mere. What a mench, to take on such responsibility for your baby and wife. I'm surprised it's not even MORE typos than it is. Also, you haven't been skimping on the art detail AT ALL. Wow, I think you are a "Super Star".