Get the NEW Candorville Book: Goodnight Grandpa

Get your copy of the brand new, seventh Candorville collection: “Goodnight Grandpa“!

INSIDE:Lemont’s written a memoir, but when Susan gets to the part where Lemont explains how he and the demon La Llorona accidentally caused the end of the world, Susan questions his sanity. Also, can couple’s counseling fix Lemont’s dysfunctional relationship with his television? After discovering she was Phil Anders’ “other woman,” will Susan give the jerk a second chance. or will she find true love thanks to the sure-fire profile Lemont writes for her? When Susan runs afoul of the cops in Arizona, can she talk them out of deporting her to Mexico? Plus, Lemont’s political blog explodes, but can he win the war at home where it’s his need for a good night’s sleep vs. his baby boy’s pathological need to jump on the bed all night long? And lastly, Lemont accompanies a 94-year-old World War II veteran on his final journey.

Contains more than 470 comics, the author’s 2008 election night blog post about watching the election of the first black president with his 90 year-old grandfather, as well as his account of the last few months he was able to spend with his grandfather as his caretaker.

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  • Appreciated your words in the documentary STRIPPED on Netflix recently. If you like Candorville and aren't into the typical superhero story, I think it's worth checking out

  • DJG

    Mr. Bell, I'm blown away by your attempt at humor, in the paper today. I found it totally offensive, insensitive, and playing right into the hands, of those who believe that blacks are illiterate buffoons… Please use your talent in a more uplifting way! Thank you.

    • Congratulations on being offended. Everyone seems to aspire to that these days, and you achieved it. …And you're welcome.