Lemont Wins The Big Award
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February 23rd, 2017

Lemont Wins The Big Award

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Julio says:

    no new strips since February 23rd!
    C’mon, Darrin.

    • John Gamble says:

      He’s mentioned elsewhere that he’s moving (I think, it’s been a while). Maybe the strip’s on hiatus?

    • DB says:

      Sorry about that. I am moving, computer is not yet set up. But I had to take a break from unpacking to drive across the state to be with my mom who just had heart surgery. I’ll be driving back either late tonight or in the morning, so tomorrow evening I’ll update the site with new strips dating back to last Sunday.

  2. Sammy Woo says:

    Bob Dylan made the right choice.

  3. Rob L. says:

    Whose name is on the Award for Snarky Cartooning? Garry Trudeau?